How WordPress has become a Website Necessity

When WordPress was first developed back in 2003, it was originally used as an open-source content management system, or CMS. Since then, WordPress has blossomed into one of the top sites on the Internet. As of January 2015, WordPress had created over 60 million websites, making it the most popular platform of its kind. But, its popularity obviously stems from somewhere, right? There are hundreds, if not thousands of web-creating, open source platforms floating around the Internet when it comes to building custom websites, so why does WordPress continue to stand out, aside from its history?

Free, Free, and Free

Of course, everyone loves whatever they can get for free, right? Not costing anything to create a WordPress site is obviously a huge appeal to most people, since when you’re building a website for a business, brand, or yourself, chances are you’re starting a new project, and don’t have a lot of funds to back it up. But WordPress isn’t just free to use when you sign up for an account and start building. Virtually everything WordPress surrounds itself with is free, too, aside from domain hosting, which has to come from another site altogether.

The very nature of WordPress encompasses freedom, because it’s actually a community. WordPress has always been an open-source community when it comes to its software, which means anyone can contribute to making WordPress better, 24/7. And WordPress does get better from this community volunteering their time, all the time. This includes:

  • Writing patches
  • Support/Forums
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Updates/li>
  • …and more!

When you create your very own WordPress site, you instantly become a part of the community, and can actually contribute to it yourself. But, for as many users as there are on WordPress who offer their solutions and expertise on different things, there are also a large number of users who sign into WordPress for an entirely different reason: They have no idea how to build a website.

WordPress Is A Beginner’s Dream

Thousands of people sign up for WordPress each day, adding onto the millions of users already utilizing the site for various reasons. The truth is, most people who sign up for WordPress have little to no experience in design, or programming. So, how can a site that is a premier place for people who do have that kind of experience also cater to those simply looking to create a quality website with no prior knowledge? Somehow, WordPress bridges that gap.

For starters, WordPress allows users to select from templates when it comes to building a website. There are virtually tons of templates to choose from, and you can even narrow it down by specific categories and genres, based on your business or what you’d like to promote with your site (from photography to food, and from eCommerce to retail, you’ll find a theme to fit your needs). From there, the WordPress world is your oyster.

Once you choose a theme for your site, you can begin the customization. This is where the WordPress community has already made things easy for you. Chances are, whoever designed that template also built a lot of customizable features into it, so you can keep the overall look and feel of the theme you selected, but easily put in your own content, including words, pictures, logos, etc. You can even change the color, font, and just about anything else you’d like, depending on how willing and comfortable you are when it comes to making changes. That’s why no two WordPress sites really ever look alike.

When you’re familiar with how WordPress works, you can put together a really great website in just a few minutes. From there, you can utilize plug-ins, and other fun features that are considered ‘extras,’ but yes, are still totally free. Using things like these can really help your site to stand out, and be more functional as a whole. You can also update your site just as easily, any time. WordPress often includes updates, and will notify users when updates are available, so you can always make sure your site is at the cutting edge of WordPress’ technology, and make sure it’s as up to date as possible with fresh content, and fresh plug-ins.
The Internet Loves WordPress

Unlike many of its competitors, WordPress is actually extremely search engine friendly, and sites like Google pick up on WordPress sites almost instantly once they’re created, with the right tagging, of course. You can even add SEO plug-ins on your WordPress site to make it more appealing to Google, Bing, etc. Plus, WordPress works hard to be a secure site, so your website is about as safe and secure as it can be when you utilize a content-building site. Many people don’t consider how important this is, but think about it; if you went through all the trouble of building a quality site for yourself or your business, do you want it to get hacked right away? WordPress has every security installation in mind to prevent that from happening.

When it comes to building a website, no matter the reason, there are so many options to choose from. But, the beauty of WordPress stems from the community aspect of it from start to finish. WordPress is truly a site made by the people, for the people, and a great, cost-effective, easy- to-use option for anyone needing a professional website.

Why am I receiving these invites for Kiwi?

Do we really need another social media app?


Have you been receiving invites for this app? What is Kiwi? The Kiwi App is shooting to the top of the charts because many users are inadvertently inviting their friends to try the app out while signing up in it.

Kiwi is a fast and easy way to ask your friends interesting questions and find out what they think. You answer questions about yourself and share your thoughts with the world. Follow your friends and interesting personalities to create a personalized feed. Share your profile to gain a following.

It is also a profile generating tool for the app owners. It helps them develop a highly qualified lead that is valuable to sell to product marketers. The more you participate the more valuable you are for them to sell. It’s a social media app. If you feel interested in it, go ahead. If you don’t, turn off the option for being able to be invited to the app. Be careful when installing. Installing the Kiwi app sends automatic invites to all your Facebook friends as they were selected by default.

Custom Web Design has changed

For years “WABW Media Group” has defined “Custom Web Design” as “Built from Scratch”, but the industry trends are rapidly changing, making fully customized websites obsolete and no longer necessary.

With the growing trend of responsive design needs, mobile users and fast-paced Internet industry, it makes sense to rely on foolproof and test-worthy models.

Even though your website might not be programmed from absolute scratch, it doesn’t need to be, as long as it highlights your personality.

Our company specializes in creating custom web designs that reflect your unique style; meeting your specifications while remaining, eye-catching and inherently scalable thanks to our clever use of globally acclaimed platform such as WordPress and others.

With your company’s growth in mind, we take your particular design and integrate it into a fully functional, search engine optimized framework that adheres to W3C standards, in line with your professional needs and marketing strategies.



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What Is Social Media?

We live in a world that seems to be overrun by social media from top to bottom. Chances are, you’ve at least heard of the term ‘social media,’ but it can sometimes be confusing when it comes to pinning down an accurate definition. So many people view social media in different ways. There are hundreds of different social media platforms to choose from, giving people mixed ideas about what it is, what it can be, and how it could be beneficial or even entertaining in any way. The bottom line? Social media is essentially what you make it.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Tumblr, or Snapchat to Vine, the world of social media and interacting with friends, and people all over the world, continues to grow in popularity and advancements of technology. But, at its very core, social media remains the same – it is the basis of ‘social networking,’ which allows people to create original content, or share existing content with others who are also participating in that particular networking.

For example, if you were to create a Facebook profile, and noticed several of your friends were also on Facebook, you could add them to your list of friends on the networking site, and any content you posted would be seen by them. That’s social media in its most basic form, only to be branched out upon from there. When it comes to Twitter, it’s the same concept, with shorter, more concise content. With platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, you use pictures and videos to share what you have to say, instead of actual text.

These just skim the surface of what social media platforms are, and how they are constantly changing to allow us to connect to more people and share more of ourselves. But, the basis of social media itself never changes as we continue to network with more and more people. It is a wonderful way to stay connected with old friends, family members, old classmates, fellow-employees, or make new friends halfway across the world. Social media allows us to share a part of ourselves with others that we may not otherwise get to, and as it continues to grow and change, the way we communicate continues to adapt in such a way that social media itself becomes a whole additional world to keep up with, but it’s certainly always an exciting ride!